Bye for now, Haykin


Just over a year ago, Haykin was born: it was the realisation of a personal ambition to create a store which celebrated a minimal yet colourful style that had captured my design-distracted mind for many years. I’ve been hugely fortunate to be able to live-out this long-held dream and it’s been an exciting, rewarding and formative part of my life and career.

So it’s with some sadness that today, I am announcing that Haykin will close at the end of April.

Over the last few months, some new doors have opened for me which have presented opportunities that feel right to explore and, as from May, I will be returning to my career as a freelance PR consultant full time.

Haykin will remain open until Thursday 27 April and from now until them, absolutely everything in-store is 50% off (no code required). So, you know, it’s not all bad news.


I hope it’s not goodbye forever – who knows what the future holds, hey? So, in the interests of keeping doors slightly ajar, Haykin will live on through Twitter and Instagram where I’ll continue to share design and colour inspiration alongside snapshots of my life here in Yorkshire.

Thank you

I just wanted thank friends and family as well as my awesome suppliers, brilliant associates and partners, a lot of hugely supportive journalists and bloggers and, of course, Haykin’s fantastic customers without whom, none of this would have been quite as good as it has been.

Bye for now x

Festive wishes, big thank yous, the year that was and the year ahead (oh and the snappiest blog title ever)


thankyouWell. What a year, hey? I think it’s fair to say it’s been a rollercoaster – and then some.

There have been all sorts of lows and, unfortunately, many are still very much at the front of our minds, with a seemingly never-ending stream of heart-breaking news and updates from overseas, and, of course, closer to home.

They say, don’t they, that these things are sent to try us and gosh, they really are. If we can get through this, surely we can through quite a lot more than we thought we could (I hope).

But there were some good bits

It’s almost impossible to put the lows to one side and try celebrate some of the good things that have happened this year but, I’m going to give it a go: in the spirit of, you know, Christmas!

One of this year’s greatest highs, personally, was of course launching Haykin in February. After working in PR for almost 15 years, it really was quite the leap of faith but one I’m glad I took (regrets are no fun). It’s been quite the journey, I have to say – mistakes made, lessons learned, knowledge and skills acquired, happiness-in-the-everyday sought and new friends found. None of it has been quite how I imagined but all of it has been exciting, fascinating and rewarding.

I’ve been hugely fortunate to travel to some amazing trade shows in pursuit of colour and simplicity. Maison et Objet in Paris, which I visited twice, was an absolute game-changer – one which really focused my attention and put me in front of some of the world’s most ambitious, highly creative designers and makers. Other buying trips included Formex in Stockholm (which was so cool it hurt), showUP in Amsterdam (which was such a bright breath of design fresh air) and of course the London Design Festival featuring Design Junction and the London Design Fair – both straight-up excellent.

img_7509Perfecting my buyer stance at showUP, Amsterdam, last August.

img_7021Never one to turn down a bit of lanyard styling: Formex, Stockholm, also last August.

I’ve also been really fortunate to work with some very awesome suppliers and also the super-talented Kim Lawler, too, who helped me realise the Haykin brand and create the shop’s website. That girl can interpret a brief like nobody’s business, I tell you.

Another cool turn of business was moving off-line to do events and pop-up shops. Now, the dream has always been to own and run a bricks and mortar shop, but pop-ups have provided an achievable way of ‘setting up shop’ and selling in person. As well as Christmas fairs, I’d say the absolute pop-up trailblazer was Haykin’s first event at Toast House in Ilkley back in November. It genuinely blind-sided all of us with its success. We never, in a million years, expected so much interest and, of course, sales from such awesome, like-minded folk: I’d go so far as to say this was a personal highlight of the year for me.

And so, on that note, I wanted to thank everyone who not only bought a little something from the shop but to anyone who gave kind feedback or left a sweet comment on Instagram or just ‘liked’ one of my silly (but trying-to-be-arty) pictures or shared a post on Facebook or retweeted something on Twitter or wrote about Haykin in the media (yeah, we got in the Daily Telegraph’s Stella magazine twice y’know 😀 ). In the words of some supermarket strapline or other: ‘Every little helps’. And it really bloody does, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, what’s next?

katy-copyMe, um, floating in the teamLab Floating Flower Garden at Maison et Objet, Paris, last September.

Well, as I said earlier, there have been blips along the way but I’ve made tweaks at every turn to enable Haykin to flourish.

In the last nine months, I’ve discovered what sells well (and what doesn’t); what drives traffic to the site and how best to convert that traffic into sales; who the ‘Haykin customer’ is and what they respond to; what generates the most interaction on social media and, ultimately, how to effectively use my time to ensure each of the above areas function as best they can.

Running a small business, more-or-less on your own, presents all sorts of challenges in terms of time management: you want to do everything but quite honestly, you don’t have all the skills and, very simply, you…Just. Don’t. Have. The. Time (to do everything).

Time is such a sought-after commodity but you can’t make any more of it so you just have to work with what you’ve got!

And so, in 2017, there will be a few changes.

The impetus behind these changes will be simplicity: this applies both to the shop itself (stock, look, feel, day-to-day operation etc) but also on a personal level too: I’ve learned a lot about myself recently and know, now, that a less frenetic, more considered pace is where I need to be heading.


What this means exactly is still to be finalised but I hope you’ll join me on this ‘journey’ (bleurgh) to see…what Katy did next (ha – I’ve searched for years for the right place to use that line!).

But for now, put your out of office on, crack open the Quality Street and pour yourself a sherry or two. You deserve it!

Until next time folks.

If Haykin did gift guides…


Well, it’s just shy of a week now until our last shipping days before Christmas. I know: we’ve no sooner scooped out the seeds of our pumpkins and we’re already talking about the final throes of festive shopping!

But, a week’s a fairly decent amount of time to get your shop on so fear not – Haykin can and *will* save the day!

So, if you’re still humming and harring over what to give the trickier gift-receivers in your life, then worry not: I have some ideas!

Keep reading to explore a wonderland of perfectly tailored present solutions for the stationery lovers through to the interiors aficionados in your life!

The domestic god(ess)


From left to right:


The paper fiend

2From left to right:


The homemaker

1From left to right:


The nursery do-er up-er

4From left to right:


The wanderer


From left to right:


The (super chic) bag lady


From left to right:


The jewellery doyenne


From left to right:

The art appreciator


From left to right:


Glad tidings!



From 1 to 21 December 2016, Haykin will be running a series of special offers and giveaways as part of our #HOHOHOHAYKIN Christmas campaign.

On the days we are offering a giveaway, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • – Entrants must spend over £10 to be considered
  • – The first three entrants on that day will win the prize
  • – UK entries only
  • – Over 18s only
  • – No cash alternative
  • – Winners will be notified by email within two days of the end of that day’s offer

Any queries, please contact Katy Barraclough

Thank you!

Announcing #HOHOHOHAYKIN – 21 days of festive treats!


hohohohaykinWell, I guess this is it, hey: CHRISTMAS!

Blimey – it doesn’t seem two minutes ago that we were launching Haykin back in the spring and the festive season seemed like light years away. But of course, time does fly when you’re having fun so here we are!

So, to honour Haykin’s first ever Christmas, we’ve decided to go big. Tomorrow, we will be launching #HOHOHOHAYKIN – a 21 day-long Christmas extravaganza (I’ve always wanted to use that word!) which will see a new special offer or giveaway announced every single day from Thursday 1 to Wednesday 21 December 2016.

I’ll pop through a little email each morning so you can suss out what that day’s deal is and then you just need to check back to the website – – for all the details. The deals will be spread out across the 21 days in no particular order – the best may be first, last or somewhere in the middle – so keep those peepers peeled each day!

If you follow Haykin on social media, just search for the hashtag #HOHOHOHAYKIN to find the latest treat!

Have fun!

Introducing: Oak – The Nordic Journal, volume six


You may already have spotted this new addition to the Haykin line-up but I wanted to give you a closer look at this stunning ‘bookazine’ that arrived in-store the other week.


Oak is a bi-annual book founded by Anne Riis and Laura Terp Hansen which is published in Denmark. It is a 200 page compendium of Nordic culture, design, architecture, food, travel and style. Through beautifully-written features and amazing photography, the book takes a closer look at the inspirational and highly creative women and men that makes the Nordic lifestyle as wonderful as it is.

This, volume six, is the Global Local Issue and celebrates Scandinavia as a global movement by journeying to over 20 countries – from Japan to Bolivia and back to Scandinavia – to explore echoes of the Nordic way of life, bringing together some of the most exciting talents and brightest new ideas that are changing our world.

Oak is a hard-backed book and is printed on high quality, uncoated paper: just two more attributes that make  it one of the most beautiful, informative and inspiring gifts in the shop right now (although we won’t bat an eyelid if you decide to keep a copy for yourself!).

Here’s a quick look inside:


Bright new home linens and accessories


Well, that was a bit of a shock, logging into the blog and realising it’s been over two months since I posted anything!

To be fair, it has been a pretty hectic couple of months what with Maison et Objet and the London Design Festival in September and then October was awash with planning and buying for Christmas as well as prepping for our first ever pop-up shop at Toast House in Ilkley (there are a few snaps on Instagram of this – such an amazing day!).

But today, after much anticipation, we’re stoked to finally be (officially!) unveiling our brand new home linens and accessories range by La Cerise sur le Gâteau.

tea-towels-pois-stacked-copyWhen I first discovered this beautiful French brand, I couldn’t believe what an unbelievable match it was to Haykin’s aesthetic: fresh, bright pastels working seamlessly alongside darker, more sophisticated hues, all held together by signature design twists and pops.

Made from 100% soft but hardy cotton, the range features aprons, tea towels, shopping bags and toiletry bags in beautifully bold colours with each piece boasting either a golden dot, luxe leather handles and monochrome-striped straps: the little details that make this range *so* dreamy.


lifestyle-dijon-shopping-bag-available-at-haykinshop-com-37-50-eachDesigned in Alsace, France, by Anne Hubert and her team at La Cerise sur le Gâteau, the pieces are then handmade in Porto, Portugal, by a local workforce that has strong historical links to the textile industry. The range is also Oeko-tex certified meaning it is free from products that are harmful to people and the environment.


The range really is a wonderful fit for Haykin and I can’t wait for you to explore it!


You’ll find the aprons and tea towels in our brand new ‘kitchen’ section and the shopping bags and toiletry bags, live in our ‘accessories’ department. Happy shopping!

lifestyle-bubble-shopping-bag-available-at-haykinshop-com-37-50-each shopping-bags-on-arm lifestyle-iode-shopping-bag-iode-shopping-bag-available-at-haykinshop-com-37-50-each


Space-making bedroom storage ideas


Over the next few weeks, significant bedroom renovations will be taking place at the Haykin household. It’s a long-overdue project but after saving up and also putting up for quite a while now, work is finally about to commence. Fiiinally.

There’ll be all sorts of boring, structural work to be done like insulating and plastering walls, as well as standard things like decorating, carpeting and figuring out new lighting but one of the things that I’m getting particularly ‘involved’ in is storage. It’s a reasonable sized room, as bedrooms go, but it often feels quite dark and hemmed-in (old house problems) so I’m keen to find ways to open the space up, de-clutter and add light.

I’d like to completely get rid of an old, dark wood chest of drawers, for example, and put everything that’s in this (knickers, t shirts…that kind of thing) into the new wardrobe (and it’ll probably be this wardrobe which has all kinds of clever storage solutions built-in). The bits and pieces that are on top of the chest of drawers – make-up, jewellery etc – will also go inside the new savvy wardrobe system. Basically anything that can be deported to the new savvy wardrobe system will be deported.

The goal is to have as little furniture in the room as possible. Ideally we’ll be left with a bed, two bedside tables, an armchair and a wardrobe.

However, #thatminimallife aside, I do have quite a lot of ‘stuff’ and despite launching into massive, ruthless clear-out binges recently, I do need somewhere to put things like jewellery, handbags, make-up, glasses cases and the like.

I’ve been hunting out a few ideas and below is a round-up of a few nifty bedrooms storage ideas which I love for their wall-adherent qualities and/or their unassuming, simple design. You may spot a few ‘familiar’ pieces in there too 😉

Wall hooks: I saw them everywhere in Stockholm last year so I found some to bring to Haykin! These will be great for hanging bags from and maybe some bigger jewellery pieces too:

Lou hooks x 4 Lou coat hooks

Picture ledges: such a simple idea but great for propping up prints/photos, knick knacks, perfume bottles and even your mobile phone. These ones from IKEA will do the job nicely but for a pop of colour, our pastel-hued wooden display shelves are pretty fun:

Wooden display shelvesWooden display shelf_blue_with book

Wall pockets: I think something like this by Normann Copenhagen would work really well next to the bedside for popping books, magazines, specs, hand cream etc in (I also think they’d be handy in the office too):

19.04.2015 12

Image via 


Jewellery storage: now strictly speaking, this jewellery box by Menu would need to go on top of a surface which is going against my wall-adherent criteria but it’s so gosh darn minimal and beautiful, I might have to make an exception:


Cotton wall storage: I’m thinking our Mimi Lou cotton wall pouches would be super handy for hair stuff – brushes, products, hair dryer (once cooled!) etc:

POCH03_Wall pouch_dots

Do you have any clever bedroom storage ideas that help create space and de-clutter?

Exploring Menorca


Well, it’s almost two months since I was in Menorca, freckling myself in the early summer sun and drinking cava at every opportunity (because it’s so cheap and tastes so great; even the *really* cheap stuff).

Yet, the memories are still as clear as the waters lapping those stunning shores so, as many people embark on holiday season ‘proper’ (not envious at all), I thought I’d share my final, and long-overdue, Menorca blog post.

We had one iffy day weather-wise so rather than shiver by the pool, we hired a little Fiat Panda (which I kind of warmed to by the end of the day) and headed out on an island-wide road trip.

We drove first to the capital, Mahón, on the opposite side of the island to Ciutadella, and then meandered back via the dramatic and northern-most point of the Menorca, Far de Cavalleria, before making one final stop at Es Mercadal, a pretty little inland town just off the main highway. I just had to include some shots of Cala Santadria too, the cove in which we stayed: it kinda took my breath away.

Here are the highlights!


Mahon buildings 1There’s an indoor Saturday food market at the top of the steps that lead down to the port which I’d highly recommend. I can’t remember the name but you won’t miss it: one side is entirely given over to fish but on the other side, you’ll find an enticing selection of indie traders selling everything from tapas and gin to craft beer and charcuterie.

Mahon lunchMahon buildings 2 Mahon streets

Es Mercadal

Es Mercadel streetsEs Mercadel streets 3

Bit breezy, I recall.

Es Mercadel streets 2Es Mercadel streets 4

Far de Cavalleria

Far de Cavalleria lighthouse

Amazing views out to the Med from the lighthouse, made even more dramatic as that rain storm rolled in.

Far de Cavalleria sea

If only I’d seen this sign before I started clambering along the cliff edge :/

Far de Cavalleria rocks perillFar de Cavalleria rocks 2Far de Cavalleria rocks 1Far de Cavalleria rocks 4 Far de Cavalleria rocks 3Far de Cavalleria viewFar de Cavalleria me

Cala Santandria and neighbouring Sa Caleta

Cala Santandria_Sa Caleta_1

Look at the colour of that water!

Cala Santandria_Sa Caleta_2

Knock-out sunsets.

Cala Santandria_Sa Caleta_sunset 1 Cala Santandria_Sa Caleta_sunset 2 Cala Santandria_Sa Caleta_sunset 3

As colour-hunting holidays go, I’d say this was a pretty great one!


Beautiful Ciutadella boutiques


Ambling around (and around) Ciutadella’s wonderful web of backstreets is a joy in itself (I wittered on about my colour-hunting meanders in last week’s post). But what I didn’t necessarily expect to find was a surprising abundance of really gorgeous independent shops selling clothing and accessories from some super cool Menorcan, Spanish and other new-to-me European designers.

I know a few people that are heading to Ciutadella this summer so I thought I’d pull together some of the places I loved the most so they, and anyone else who’s going, can seek them out too.

Sidenote: apologies these are just external shots; it was siesta time when I took the pictures so everything was closed. Gets me every time!

Roseta, Carrer de la Purissima

Fab little shoe shop selling some mega cool numbers. You’ll find all sorts of gems from Superga pumps to Cos-style metallic sandals. Great sale area at the back of the store too.

IMG_8785 IMG_8786 Naiv, Carrer de Nostra Sra. Dels Dolors

Oh boy, I really loved this shop. It was one of those places you can’t stop ‘oohing’ your way around. The vibe was cool, minimal, slightly edgy but with pops of colour and pattern via clothes and accessories from designers all over Europe.

IMG_8796 IMG_8797 IMG_8799Cloe, Carrer del Santissim

Lovely summery feels in here. I found a gorgeous pair of simple tan and metallic sandals that I re-visited a few times throughout the week: I just could’t stop thinking about them! Alas, the sandals didn’t quite fit my budget in the end but the shop made for wonderful indie label-spotting and it’s always inspiring, as an independent retailer myself, to see how others nail it.

IMG_8800 The Room, Carrer des Seminari

I’d say this is on the posher end of the scale in terms of labels and price but even if you only pop in to admire the shop’s elegant, rose-tinted decor, it’s worth a visit. Expect clothing and accessories from designers like Isabel Marant and Paul & Joe and a really divine range of perfumes and candles from the likes of Diptyque.

IMG_8804 Paradis, Carrer de Mao

Probably one of personal favourites, Paradis sells a bright and colourful range of simple clothing, delicate jewellery, patterned scarves, minimal leather goods and super cute sandals and flats. I discovered a bunch of ace designers that I’d love to work with for Haykin.

IMG_8805 IMG_8806